Manjula Catering

Here at Manjula we provide healthy vegan and vegetarian twists on authentic international recipes, offering tasty alternatives that are both local sourced and sustainable. This is work that hasn’t gone unnoticed as we have recently won a food trader award for our commitment to healthy and sustainable food at the Lambeth Country Show.

Our current menu fuses together our favourite cuisines, Thai and Mexican. We offer Thai curries that include fresh British veg, handpicked from the market, they are made with homemade vegan curry pastes and served with our aromatic rice. We also offer Thai Burritos, filled with curry, rice, Asian slaw, avocado and homemade jalapenos. Salads are available on this menu as well, with a Thai Chopped salad and Asian Slaw available, with the option of making it hot with our home grown sautéed courgette.

Manjula also has its own allotment growing ingredients to eventually be used on the menu, it already provides our herbs and courgettes. We also have composter there, which we put all our food waste in as it’s all just veg!

Our aim is to change opinions on vegetarian food by combining quality ingredients with fresh idea. For so long vegetarian cooking has been overlooked or undervalued, but no more, Manjula has arrived.

Any queries or concerns?

Please call us on +44 7889/540982 +44 7889/540982 or use our contact form.